Win some, lose some

No food post, and no baking today.

I had decided to make a chocolate fridge tart, a recipe I have adapted and evolved over time, so that it is a heavenly blend of salty and sweet – chocolate and salted caramel.

Unfortunately as the fates had it, my chocolate siezed, and I was unable to rescue it. I had run out of chocolate (how could this happen?!?) And so there will be no picture. But there will be a next time.  If at first you don’t succeed……

On the winning side, I have discovered a new blog to follow, the fabulous Princess of VP blog it’s always a bonus when you discover new blogs to enjoy.  (I tried to add a link to the blog, but for some reason it failed).

I love blogs on food, health, make-up, photography, in fact all sorts of things, blogs that make you think, that make you laugh, that spark an interest in something. I’m still new to all this and searching for more ideas.   What about you? What do you enjoy? Which blogs do you recommend?

Today in essence was a mixture of lose (my fridge tart) and win (found a new blog to follow). I’m still working at getting that old mojo back again.

Sticky Lemon & Ginger Cake

I think I might just be on the cusp of rediscovering my baking mojo.  I am wanting to bake more, and enjoying it once again.  So that’s a win.  However I need to take photos with my camera and not with my tablet.  When I post photos taken on my tablet they are tiny.  Urgh.  So frustrating.  Somehow I seem to have got confused between the two.  It will be a while before I manage to sort this out though, so please bear with me!

Today’s cake is one I have baked a few times and is always a success. It is a joy to make, smell and eat!  Just grating the fresh ginger and zesting the lemon for this is worth it for that lovely fresh zesty, summery aroma. Small things, hey, but small things are important.

The cake has fresh ginger, lemon zest, Bramley apple and dates as the fruit ingredients and so we can eat it smugly thinking it surely must cover some of your 5-a-day!! This all combines to make a lovely moist, more-ish cake. It is fruity and spicy, but not in-your-face.  A lovely balance of flavours.

The white chocolate drizzle on top turned into a full on white chocolate flood this time because, well, I had the chocolate so why not use it! And anyway, although I am not a great fan of white chocolate it works so well with this cake.

When I first baked it I posted a photo on Twitter and the cake earned itself a rather different name. “Inspired” by the white chocolate drizzle……I blame Declan and for the time being I’ll avoid using that name just in case I put you off!



Cheese Scones

A few weeks ago I baked some cheese scones…….or, as they became known “cheese surprise” scones (SURPRISE!!!! there is no cheese!!).  Yes. I forgot to add the cheese. There’s nothing quite like putting everything in the oven, closing the door…..and thinking “I’m sure I forgot something”.

These things happen. Maybe just to me, but hey ho.  I’ve been hankering for cheese scones since then and thought of trying a new recipe.  My go-to scone recipe uses oil instead of butter.  It is the quickest, easiest scone recipe EVER!  The only down side is the resulting dough is quite soft, but it results in very light, fluffy scones.  I keep thinking I really need to make scones from a recipe where you rub in the butter, to see if I can make a success of them (these scones look so much smarter than mine do).  But I like an easy life and so I used my tried and trusted recipe.

This time I remembered to add the cheese!  I used cheddar with herbs and garlic instead of plain cheddar, for something with a little extra oomf!

Double Chocolate Muffins

I may have mentioned already that my baking mojo has gone missing for a while.  The will is there, but the results aren’t happening. This has been quite frustrating and I feel the only way to resolve this is to keep on baking until it all comes together again!  Time – and weight gain – are the issues here. So sometimes the lovely guinea pigs at work are forced to munch their way through my baking.

Last weekend I baked chocolate muffins.  Now I haven’t baked muffins for ages. But they are one of the easiest things to bake,  you don’t have to be too careful about mixing everything.  They are not complicated.  But my chocolate muffins were a disaster.  Not that bad that they’d have killed anyone(!) but they just didn’t deliver on the taste, and they were dry.

Not to be defeated, I have been trawling through chocolate muffin recipes and finally found one I wanted to try.  And I have a result.  These are double chocolate (dark and white chocolate) muffins.  They came out beautifully light, and totally chocolately.  Success!