Egg-free Chocolate Mousse

I love chocolate mousse. But I hate eggs, especially raw eggs.  My first attempt at an egg-free chocolate mousse was not quite a disaster, but it was too dense and heavy. It was rich and chocolatey, but not a mousse. So I did a bit more research and found some recipes for vegan chocolate mousse using the liquid from a can of chickpeas.

The idea of this perked me up.  I have made meringues with chickpea liquid and they turned out beautifully.  Not an egg in sight.  So, moving on to chocolate mousse. Today was the day to try this recipe.

First to melt the chocolate.

Remove it from the heat and set it aside to cool. In the meantime get whisking that chickpea liquid.

Who would have thought that this liquid could be whisked up like egg whites?! It’s magic!

I admit I had a dilemma.  If I left the chocolate too long, it would start to solidify.  If I mixed it in whilst it was still warm, would it be a problem? I let it cool as much as I could, but before it started to solidify I folded the whisked chickpea liquid into the chocolate.

I spooned the mousse into little ramekins and put them in the fridge.  Alas, this story does not have the ending I wanted.  The mousse turned out with a gritty texture – the chocolate had obviously either seized on contact with the whisked chickpea liquid, or just solidified whilst it was being folded in. Win some, lose some.  I am disappointed, as I was really excited about the prospect of being able to turn out lovely light, fluffy chocolate mousse – made without a single egg.  Reading online I know many people have had success with this, so if anyone (are you out there anywhere???) has any tips for getting this right, please let me know.  All advice would be much appreciated.



You don’t need me to tell you there is a lot going on in the world.

I believe we gain nothing from attacking others for their opinions and beliefs.  We can all work together with what we have and do our damndest to make it great. Or we can ruin everything. It’s a choice.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, have a peaceful day 🙂

Me and my shadow

It has been one of those weeks where it really feels like no good deed goes unpunished.

I feel “mind-blown”, my head is reeling with the events.  I try to do the right thing, but this week it has just slapped me hard in the face. Things don’t always work out for the best. People are unpredictable. I am left sad.

I went for a walk on the beach, just me and my shadow. It does make me laugh, at least,how huge my feet look!