Time Out from Life

Last year I needed a break from life, and, little knowing what the next few months would bring, I booked a short holiday on the Channel Island of Guernsey. After being battered and beaten by life this year I was so grateful to have the escape.  I wanted peace, quiet, water and trees. Sanctuary. For four days I didn’t read a newspaper or see television, I had no idea what was happening in the world.  For four days I had a complete break from my daily routine of the last four months. And, oh, how badly I needed it.



Author: rockcakesramblings

I'm human. I'm not doing this because I think I'm good enough. I just want to try. Join me for some ranting, food talk, random photos. It's life!

2 thoughts on “Time Out from Life”

  1. Sometimes, disconnecting from everything and escaping to a totally different world is just what the doctor ordered to regain a sense of balance. Glad you gave yourself that space.
    Thank you for visiting and following Beauty Along the Road.

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