Time Out from Life

Last year I needed a break from life, and, little knowing what the next few months would bring, I booked a short holiday on the Channel Island of Guernsey. After being battered and beaten by life this year I was so grateful to have the escape.  I wanted peace, quiet, water and trees. Sanctuary. For four days I didn’t read a newspaper or see television, I had no idea what was happening in the world.  For four days I had a complete break from my daily routine of the last four months. And, oh, how badly I needed it.




Pebbles. Stones. We see them all the time. We hurt our feet walking on them. We kick them. We throw them.  We walk over them and never notice them. We never really look at them.  They are there. In time they get beaten up and ground down and end up smaller and smaller until they are grains of sand. Forgotten.

Sometimes after rain, or walking on a beach when the waves have broken over the pebbles, the sun catches them at just the right angle, and for a moment they are beautiful.

Beauty in small things. Things thought of as ordinary, but full of beauty. We just need the right light, the right angle, the right frame of mind, and then we see it. But with a little care, a little love, the beauty in what we once thought of as dull, can be brought out. And it shines.