Lemon Drizzle Cake


I am a chocoholic. I love chocolate. No, really, I LOVE chocolate! I never thought I’d see the day when I might enjoy cake that wasn’t chocolate, but it happens. I now have a few favourite cakes which are not chocolate, and I love, love, love them.

I posted about my sticky lemon & ginger cake a little while ago, and now, once again, lemon rears its head!  There is something deliciously moreish about the fresh, zingy, sharp lemon syrup drizzled over the cake.  And I always make that drizzle more lemony, a bit sharper, less sweeter, and increase the quantity – trying to keep the balance and not make the cake soggy in the process!

This particular recipe is gluten free, using gluten free flour and almonds in the cake batter.  The almonds give it a lovely texture. I made it once because a colleague at work is gluten intolerant, and I didn’t want her to miss out whilst everyone else had cake to eat.  The recipe worked so well, was so easy, and thankfully everyone enjoyed it, that I have never bothered to look for a different version of Lemon Drizzle cake.  That is not to say I haven’t toyed with the idea of making a lime drizzle…..

One day I might eventually post my recipes as well.  Bear with me, I am still trying to get used to this blogging thing!

Sticky Lemon & Ginger Cake

I think I might just be on the cusp of rediscovering my baking mojo.  I am wanting to bake more, and enjoying it once again.  So that’s a win.  However I need to take photos with my camera and not with my tablet.  When I post photos taken on my tablet they are tiny.  Urgh.  So frustrating.  Somehow I seem to have got confused between the two.  It will be a while before I manage to sort this out though, so please bear with me!

Today’s cake is one I have baked a few times and is always a success. It is a joy to make, smell and eat!  Just grating the fresh ginger and zesting the lemon for this is worth it for that lovely fresh zesty, summery aroma. Small things, hey, but small things are important.

The cake has fresh ginger, lemon zest, Bramley apple and dates as the fruit ingredients and so we can eat it smugly thinking it surely must cover some of your 5-a-day!! This all combines to make a lovely moist, more-ish cake. It is fruity and spicy, but not in-your-face.  A lovely balance of flavours.

The white chocolate drizzle on top turned into a full on white chocolate flood this time because, well, I had the chocolate so why not use it! And anyway, although I am not a great fan of white chocolate it works so well with this cake.

When I first baked it I posted a photo on Twitter and the cake earned itself a rather different name. “Inspired” by the white chocolate drizzle……I blame Declan and for the time being I’ll avoid using that name just in case I put you off!