The Boss!


I haven’t written anything for more than a week and it’s about time I covered the “rock” part of my blog name. Let’s hear it for music! And today, specifically Bruce Springsteen.

Ever since I first heard “Born to Run” I was hooked. Being able to get to one of his gigs was long in coming, but oh, so worth it.  I have now been to only 5 of his gigs, but I still cannot get over the thrill of watching this man live.  What a show he puts on. With Bruce Springsteen you ALWAYS get your money’s worth!

Last Sunday he was at Wembley Stadium in London for The River Tour, and I got tickets through the fantastic Badlands Travel.  A shout-out for them too! What a fantastic set up.  I had never heard of them before (how?!?) but went for it and can say I am extremely happy with their service.  I would definitely recommend booking through them.

Sunday came and the weather was glorious, blue skies, sunny. Having been to many a gig in the pouring rain, it is so nice to have good weather for this. I had the best seats I could ever have hoped for – short of being in the golden circle, and that, sadly I don’t think I’ll ever be lucky enough to do.

As always, yes, truly, always, the Boss did not disappoint.  Three and a half hours, non-stop.  What a star. And of course, not for one minute forgetting the amazing E-Street band in all of this. Every one of them, utterly brilliant.

Of course I need to mention Dancing in the Dark.  We’ve all seen the original video with Courtney Cox, haven’t  we? On Sunday night there was a man in the crowd with a sign asking “Would you dance with Courtney Cox if she had a (great) beard?”…..and he did, the crowd loved it! It was a fabulous moment, do yourselves a favour and Google the clip for this (bearded Courtney Cox) should find it for you!

Some of those who know me, will know what a struggle it was for me to get to the gig. But I did it, and although it was hard going at times it was totally worth it. What a man, what a band, joy and great music, what a night. Awesome!